Discover Amazon Games’ New World in May 2020

In New World, players will explore a mysterious island called Aeternum during an alternate version of the Age of Exploration. They’ll have to compete with legions of undead called The Corrupted, but it’s the war with other players that will be the real focal point of the game. Players can create companies, build strongholds and go to war against others, or they can decide to not get their hands dirty, which the developers found out during the alpha test for the game earlier in the year.

How Pokemon Sword and Shield made new Pokemon worth caring about again

Volatile fans. Earlier this year disgruntled Free Folk demanded the final season of Thrones be remade to their liking. Captain Marvel was review bombed on Rotten Tomatoes after prickly viewers were upset by comments Brie Larson made. Finally, even months before it had the best US launch of any game in the series, a large minority of players harboured a burning hate for Pokemon Sword and Shield.